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.SVX US makes it easy for enterprises, organizations and funds to connect with impact investors in a simple and automated way. We operate an online impact investment platform with campaign preparation support, detailed profiles, automated transaction and subscription document processing, and capacity to deploy investments across multiple security, investor, and offering types, from direct public offerings to Reg D to nonprofit and co-op offerings.

Through our affiliates, SVX US also offers a range of support services to ventures seeking capital from US investors, including legal, marketing, and capital advisory services.

SVX US was launched in 2019 as a partnership of PathLight Law (formerly Cutting Edge Capital) and SVX Canada. CoPeace, a diversified impact holding company, has also joined SVX US as a partner and investor.


Investment Platform

The platform features detailed profiles, a transaction engine, and capacity to manage investments across security types (private debt, private equity), investor types (retail, eligible, accredited), and offering types (Reg A+ / Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) / Reg D / Reg S / 506C / Nonprofit (Multi-state) / Co-op)

Offering Development

Legal services are provided by Cutting Edge Counsel to research and provide recommendations for structuring private placement campaigns.

Marketing Services

Preparation of relevant marketing materials for strategizing your campaign for maximum reach and conversion. Services are provided by SVX US Issuers and Partners.


Current Offerings

Check out current opportunities on the SVX US platform here! Log onto your SVX US account to see more details on each offering.

How it works

SVX US showcases investment opportunities that offer social and environmental impact alongside the potential for financial returns. Each investee is reviewed by the SVX US team on both the business case as well as the impact created to ensure all deals have been vetted.

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Browse Offerings

Most SVX US offerings are listed on the offering page without requiring investors to create an account. You can review the details of the opportunity and access any publicly available documents. Some information may only be viewable after you’ve created an account to verify some details.


Create an Account

Creating an account on SVX US is simple and straightforward. The information provided is used to autofill any documents you need to complete for each investment and allow SVX US to verify your ID before processing any transactions.


Complete a Transaction

If you’re ready to invest, the SVX US system will walk you through the process, collecting any additional details required for the subscription agreement, getting an e-signature for the documents and collecting payment information for processing the transaction. The company will then review the details and agreements to complete the investment.


Keep an Eye Out for Updates

Once you’ve completed your transaction you can come back to SVX US to review your documents, see any updates or reports on your portfolio companies and see if any new opportunities have launched that might be of interest. Share opportunities with your friends and family, and help everyone leverage their investment to bring meaningful change to the world.

“We are thrilled to have reached our growth capital campaign goal thanks to investments by many of TechSoup’s community stakeholders, including the nonprofits we serve. SVX US was a critical partner in enabling TechSoup to raise this funding. These investments will expand our capacity to deliver needed resources to civil society organizations around the world.”

Ken Tsunoda

VP, Development + Network, TechSoup


Case Studies & Insights

CoPeace: A Pioneering Impact-Focused Holding Company

The story of our new issuer CoPeace and how they democratize impact investing for all demographics.

Why PathLight Law Partnered with SVX to Launch an Impact Platform

TechSoup’s three year, $11.5 million campaign was closed in November 2021.

TechSoup successfully completes $11.5 million capital raise on SVX US platform

TechSoup’s three year, $11.5 million campaign was closed in November 2021.

Cutting Edge Capital - Direct Public Offerings (Video)

What would it look like if we invested in main street instead of wall street? Cutting Edge Capital empowers entrepreneurs to build their businesses through community investment, contributing to a truly sustainable economy.

Testing the Waters for Securities Offerings

In addition to helping your organization decide whether to launch a securities offering, a testing-the-waters campaign could potentially also help you choose from among several capital raising strategies.

From the Front Lines of Impact Investing: Reflections on the SVX US Journey

A year after launching SVX US, we reflect on our experiences from the front line of impact investing, and to consider our future as we look to take the organization from pilot to scale.


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