Services for Ecosystem Partners

We support governments, communities, intermediaries, sector associations, and networks in Canada and around the world. We work with a range of ecosystem partners to provide systems change solutions and insights focused on impact investing, from community development to platform insights to sector or geographic focused impact fund development.

Ecosystem Development

SVX has benefitted from its engagement in the development of impact investing ecosystems in Canada at a national and regional level, and from insights gained from working in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. But we recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. National and regional impact investing ecosystems are at varying stages of development, they require local shaping and leadership to start or scale, and multiple enabling factors must be put into place for success.

We are able to provide a suite of community development services to support regional or national impact investing ecosystem development, including: research, mapping, stakeholder engagement, development of National Advisory Boards (NABs) on impact investing, investor education, and action plan development. This work is done using a community development process from discovery to design to implementation.

Platform Insights and Development

Impact investing platforms can be important enabling tools for a particular region or country. But it can take a while to devise the right model. We’ve been working since 2007 on the concept, and our approach continues to evolve. Based on our experience in the development of SVX in Canada, the United States and Mexico, we provide ecosystem partners in other countries with insights and development support on the development of similar models, such as social stock exchanges or regional markets. We have shared our insights with research and development projects in other countries including India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and beyond. We are also open to creating connections with other countries and regions. Based on capacity and mutual interest, we can also explore opportunities for the deployment of the SVX model into other parts of the world.

Fund Discovery and Design

We can leverage the expertise of our advisory and fund practice to help with the development, design and management of impact investing funds focused on a particular sector or region. Our starting point is often a community, region or sector with well-understood assets and an impact capital gap. We are able to work with ecosystem stakeholders to engage in a discovery and design process towards the eventual deployment of an impact investing fund.

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